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Monday, 3 July 2017

Science Journal

This week we made paper helicopter. The force that were on it were weight drag thrust and a little bit of lift there was only a little bit of lift because if there was a lot then the paper helicopter would stay in the air and take about 2 hours to touch the ground. Next time I do this, I am going to put more weight because last time it didn’t have a lot of weight so it couldn't spin well.

I think I was multistructural because i could explain what I did and how the paper helicopter worked and the force on the paper helicopter.

Tuesday, 20 June 2017

Science journal 5

This week we learnt more about flight like the difference between flying and gliding. Gliding is when you don't move, you just glide like when you are swimming. Birds need to glide when they get tired and flying is when you are moving just like a plane. I also Learnt that seagulls can glide for up to 46 days without landing now, that's amazing!

I've been wondering about weight. If you turn  the engine off will the plane fall straight down. I found out that if you do turn off the engine it will glide for 3 minutes without crashing. Also weight can help the plane land because the weight is Heavy so when you go to land the weight of the plane is pushing against the lift and if you don't have any weight it's going to take a long time to land.

I already know about lift and how that helps the plane by lifting it from the ground and now I need to learn about what the thrust does to the plane.

I think my learning is multi-structural because I could explain what I learnt and next time I need to add bright sparks word.

Wednesday, 7 June 2017

The prank

Our feet tumbled down the rocky road as we entered the prank zone. My heart was thumping as the dark walls closed in behind us. I swallowed as the pen slipped out of my hand. We heard a step coming closer and closer. I hid the pen behind me as it got even closer. We opened the door  and ran. We hid behind the door. The cold air closed in around me but luckily the steps went straight past. We looked around us - we were in the prank zone. Their heads were as wriggly as a worm,  one of us holding their  head while the other drew on their face. At that moment I thought “Am I waking them up?” I was laughing so hard. I sat with my cold hand covering my mouth my face was as red as blood. I was finished. I said “I'm never doing this again.” My cold hand was clutching. I needed to go back. Let's go over to the spa, it was so warm there and it was cold outside.  We had finished. It was completed. “Let's go Mckenzie.”
“Fine,” mumbled Mckenzie.

Overall I think it was multistructural because I can connected my ideas and explain what happened I can use bright spark words and I can use punctuation. I think it went well because I wrote down my ideas then I added bright sparks words.  My next steps are to put even more punctuation in my writing than before and bright sparks words.

Tuesday, 30 May 2017


Just I JIt was a sunny breezy Wednesday morning when we experienced Search and Rescue.  People sprinted off while the rest of us bent over, hanging down with blood rushing to our heads.  3 2 1 go.  The five of us sprinted off fighting over whose turn it was with the Walkie talkie. We turned the corner, the boys cheating by following us. Across the bridge, we found them. 1 point to us 0 to the boys! We were going to win by the time we'd finished.

It was our turn finally. Across the bridge, up the hill, across the creek, we found a spot sitting on the muddy ground. People were asking, “Are you near the tractor?”
We were only allowed to say yes or no.
We were far away from that there was two minutes to go. Shhhhhh. Don't talk. 10,9 ,8 ,7 ,6 ,5 , 4,3,2,1 come in.  Yay, we were the only ones who didn't get found. 

Overall I think it went well because I used a couple of bright sparks words and I punctuated my waiting. Next time I'm going to work on putting more bright sparks .

Science journal 2 week 4

Week 4

At school we did the trebuchet. First we had to put weights in the budget then put the nail through the wood. After that we pulled the string and where it landed we had to measure it.
My observations were when the string got pulled, the bucket went down so the tennis ball could go around and get let off. I think this was because the 4 weights We're so heavy that when you pull the string it goes straight down letting the ball off.

My wonderings were why could they not build it easier, like load it up then pull it back letting it go but then it would be copying the slingshot.

My learning is relational because I can connect my ideas and explain how it works to other people. My inferences are multi-structural because I can write my ideas and show how it works.

Wednesday, 17 May 2017

Science journal

Week 1: Starting to think about science: Gathering and Interpreting Data.
Today we did a experiment with slime and dumped it over Mr Anderson. It looked cold and slimy. I put myself on multistructural because I did help in some way by asking questions and pouring water in. We tried to make it slimier and we put vanilla essence in so it smelled good. After 7 minutes it went back to rotting egg smell. Overall I think I put myself in the right spot. It was funny to watch it when it went all over Mr Anderson.

Week 2: Balloon Rocket experiment
Today I am confident in my observations because I can tell what it has done. eg if the Balloon has only traveled a little distance, you have put too much air in it, so if you put 3 breaths of air into the balloon it go further along.

Week 3

At school we did a balloon rocket experiment. We took two chairs, threaded a straw through the string and then sellotaped the balloon to the straw. We blew up the balloon and then
videoed it. We let the balloon and when we'd finished we recorded our observations.

Trial 1
It sounded like a plane going up into space.
The movement it started and stopped.
The dissidents was 2m 43 cm.
The shape was like a rotting apple when an apple rotted it stink and that what the Balloon looked liked.

Trial 2
It sound like a plane going up.
The movement it went slower than trial 1.
The dissidents was 1 m 57 cm.
The shape was like a lemon  getting cut up.
I think this one did go is fast because I did this one with string and the wool on the string fur got in the way and travelled slower.

Trial 3
It sound like when you hold your breath and let the air out .
The movement was it stayed straight when flying and went in circles.
The distance was 2m 24cm.
The shape looked like apple shrinking.
This one was done with fishing wire and went much further too.

Trial 4
It sounded like when you open a ca .
It's movement was like a tv stopping and starting .
The distance was 2m 30cm.
It shape was like popcorn deflating .
This one went faster because the fishing wire was smooth so it went fast and further than the others.

With paper:
It sound like nothing.
The movement of the Balloon went in a spiral..
The distance was 1m 54cm .
Its shape was like a rocket going up into the air .
This one with the paper was much quieter than the other ones but it went in loops and went slower. I think it was because the paper stopped the balloon a little bit. When the balloon was without paper, it went faster.

Wednesday, 12 April 2017

Responsible citizen reflection

At the start of term I was unistructural  because I did learn a little bit about it last year but I know a lot about responsibility now. I. see it every day and I do it myself people took pictures of it to show what it means. People took pictures of hockey coaching.

I am extended abstract at being a responsible citizen because I use several strategies to be one in our community and I know when and why to use them. I can teach others to be responsible citizen in our community.

This term I taught younger kids how to play hockey. I taught  them to push pass, sweep and dribble the ball. We took data of that and what they need to work on. By the end of the time they had learn everything they need to learn and are really good at hockey now.

My project help people be responsible citizen by teaching them how to play. Now they can teach others how to play.

The challenge that we faced was that because they didn’t know how to play, they couldn’t get into position. We spent 5 minutes to get them ready.

Overall we had fun teaching them and we had some hard times while doing it but we enjoy it.